Help us to make the berlinHistory app even better!

Dear users of the berlinHistory App!

We are very pleased that the berlinHistory app, which is free of charge and free of advertising, has grown so rapidly in terms of both content and number of users (close to 300,000) shortly before its 5th birthday on 24 February 2024. Many new projects are planned and the number of our cooperation partners is growing continuously, so that we can continue our growth in content in the coming year.

However, the software, which has grown with the help of our cooperation partners and also from our personal savings, has reached its limits despite continuous expansion. If we want to further develop the app and make it even more usable, we need your support!

  • The server infrastructure must be expanded and made future-proof.
  • Accessibility must be further developed to enable participation for all.
  • Participatory tools should also inspire young users for history.

In order to raise the six-figure costs for this, we hope for your contribution, for which there will of course also be a donation receipt (if you send us your address and the amount via for donations of 100 € or more (below this amount, the transfer voucher with the term "donation" is sufficient for the tax office).

berlinHistory e.V. is recognised by the tax office as a non-profit association.
You can help us via PayPal or bank transfer under the keyword "Softwarespende":

berlinHistory e.V.
IBAN: DE05830654080004027396,
VR-Bank Altenburger Land / Skatbank.
Donation receipts are available on request.